Hi, I'm Ali

Front-End Developer, UI/UX


Creating websites is were i can visually express my creativity and ingenuity, by creating simple yet functional websites i try to demonstrate my expertise in the field of front-end development, and soon to be full stack developer.

For the time being i am concentrated on Front-End Development. For creating my websites i use technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Sass, and for organizing my workflow i use The BEM methodology and use the Flexbox to style my CSS beautifully

When i start new project i always download suitable npm packages for my workload, because in modern web development i think its essential to know npm. and when its time to publish my project i use webpack to stitch everything together and finalize it.

My ultimate goal in the future is to become full-stack developer. I’m keen on to finish JavaScript so i could dip my toe in the murky waters of AngularJS & ReactJS. and in the end my ultimate dream is to become Java Developer.

About Me

Since i was little boy i always into the computers and electronics, and that fueled my passion to become developer, but start of my journey was a little hazy and i didn’t know where to begin, so after i finished the university in 2014 i started discovering web development through various influencers on YouTube, one person in particular was "Joe allam" who is a graphic designer and i really loved what he was doing so for the beginning of my journey i started learning HTML and CSS. Read More

My Vision

I believe in life you have to pursue what you love , and for me is Programming and development, so for my future plans, i intend to inspire and guide people in the field of web development and programming.

My Goals

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Building clean and reliable software is my priority. I pay huge attention to details during the process of implementation


I am capable of creating the most beautiful websites with delightful user experience

Technical Support

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Responsive Design

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Let's Connect

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